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WingChun is a strict Self-Defence system.

We use our arms for both attacking and defending, the forearm bones and surrounding musculature in particular should be conditioned.

A few bruises in the beginning are entirely normal.

Everyone has to go through it.

Real ability is the reward.

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PT(Appointment only) Georgetown3:30 pm - 5:00 pm PT (Appointment only) PT(Appointment only) Georgetown 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

About WingChun

WingChun is pure Self-Defence.

Contrary to expectations, the WingChun fighter actually attacks in self-defence.

From early on our students learn a highly developed strategy and approach, with which they can control all conceivable attacks, and it is thus insignificant in what manner or how strongly an opponent attacks.

We use adequate force in order to generate powerful attacks.

If there is no realistic attack (powerful attacking techniques), there is no reliable (functional) Self-Defence training.

Technique, power and speed provide the unity of the art WingChun. None of these three pillars can be used effectively without the other.

IMPORTANT Our system (name) should not be mistaken with other "wing chuns" as our approach of combat is the opposite of "popularized wing chuns styles".

People who promote soft/relaxed movements (economy of energy) and claim being able to defend themselves by borrowing the force of their opponent are con men or delusional (or both).

"To believe the fight begins with a touch and the assumption that one can react correctly after the touch is schizophrenic."

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